Mount Meru Trekking

Located to the east of Arusha town, about 20 kilometers drive from Arusha; Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania. The mountain stands at an altitude of 4566 meters above sea level inside the Arusha National Park.

Meru has one route to the top and can be attempted for three days but we highly recommend doing for four days for acclimatization. Most alpines uses Meru for acclimatization before the Kilimanjaro climb. The mountain has less snow formed at the volcano eruption.

Unlike Kilimanjaro when you are climbing the Mount Meru you have to be escorted by an armed ranger(s) as you pass through the Arusha National Park. It is at this time when you will enjoy the walking safari as you pass the groups of African buffaloes, Zebras, Black andwhite colobus monkey just little wildlife to mention.

The Momela and Ngurdoto Lakes are rich in birdlife as you trek to the mountain; birds like Pelicans and Flamingo are closely seen.

Mount Meru Over view:

Mount Meru is sub-Sahara Africa’s third highest mountain. Meru’s last minor eruption occurred around 1877. Since then activity has been negligible, with small tremors occurring occasionally.

The crater wall of Mount Meru was ruptured by a series of violent explosions a quarter of a million years ago. These explosions may have been caused by the vent becoming blocked or by water from a crater –lake seeping into it. This caused the whole eastern wall of the crater to be blown away.

A mass of water, mud, rocks and lava cascaded down the eastern side of the mountain across the Sanya Plains almost as far as Moshi covering the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru comprises two peaks. The Big Meru (4,562.13 m AMSL) and little Meru (3,820m AMSL). The crater floor is at 2,400 m AMSL and the Ash cone rising from the floor is at 3,667 m AMSL.

The cliff between the summit and Ash cone of Mount Meru is 2,000 m AMSL in height and is one of the tallest cliff in the world. Mount Meru’s lower, inhabited slopes rise gently to 2,100 m AMSL and then sharply to the summit, giving an overall rise of thirty degrees compared with only eight degree on Mt. Kilimanjaro. The heath on Mount Meru begins at 3,000 m AMSL. Mount Meru’s bush land zone is dominated by Erica arborea and stoebe kilimandscharica shrub with form thickets four meters in height. It requires 3-4 days to conquer Mount Meru summit. The park recommends 4 days trekking Mount Meru to allow for acclimatization and to avoid high altitude sickness.


The Park is easily accessible from Arusha city, Moshi town and Kilimanjaro International Airport. It is about 32 kilometers Arusha and 40 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport.